Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What's Important

It has been a long sad month...lost someone who was not only very loved by me...but loved by hundreds in this county and the surrounding counties.  But Jeremy Priddy will always live on...in my heart and in the heart of others around him.
That being said, makes my problems seem mighty small...and with the help of the Lord, and some very special women in my life...I am letting go of some hurt, angry feelings that were keeping me down.  I know God is so good, and he is always in control...and I get that warm fuzzy feeling when someone tells me, "He has such good things in store for you"...I am moving on and only hoping good things for all people I know....not that I ever wished anything bad for anybody...but to hurt someone so much and to know they knew what they were doing was very hard for me to deal with...it was like dealing with a death of a loved one.  But God has helped and I am moving on..
Seems like we are really having it rough money wise....but you can always fine someone less fortunate..and I know I am loved, truly loved by so many people...
I have joined two women groups...One is the Sew Crazy Ladies...(I think that is what we are called)...lol...and we meet every Monday.  Such great Christian women...I love being with them.
And then I joined the Brownsville Homemakers...another wonderful group of Christian women...love them all....
Slowly... prayerfully...and surely....and no matter what happens...Life does go on

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