Monday, October 10, 2011

I Just Love Fall Y'all

Hard for me to explain what Fall and Winter does for my soul....just gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling all over...! Love walking thru the woods with my flannel the leaves on the the look of untouched snow...the list could go on for quite a while..But this time...more than others...I start feeling so thankful for so many things. Don't get me wrong..I always am thankful for the big and little things in my life. God is always such a good Pay Master. But it seems I am more aware of "other people's" blessings as well..So thankful that God can look and my heart and know how bless I feel because I am not one of those "prayer warriors" that can get down on my knees and ring them bells in Heaven, always wanted to, have tried and tried, but I feel my best when I just talk to him heart to heart...and sometimes I even have to say, Lord I cannot explain how I feel, how I am hurting, how thankful I just please, Lord please just look in my heart...and you know what...this works for me...and for that I am thankful..
Love my church,
Love my family,
Love this way,
Love this weather, But
Most of all I love you God!!!

p.s. here comes that warm and fuzzy feeling